Customize Your Computer for Optimum Performance

Cyberzone provides complete computer maintenance and repair services to all residential and commercial clients. We are also skilled in assembling custom built computers. Tell us your specifications; whether you want an office or gaming computer, we'll build it according to your needs. Aside from assembling and repairing, we also customize existing computers. For those who have existing computers, you can choose to upgrade your current system and customize it, rather than buy a new computer.

Knowledgeable Hardware and Software Technicians

Having serviced many companies and individuals in the past, we have thorough knowledge when it comes to resolving computer software and hardware issues. We also provide secure networking systems for our clients. Our attentive technicians are very generous in sharing their expertise.

Reliable On-Site Computer Assistance
Providing on-site service from the smallest to the largest clients, our company offers professional service every time. We are one of the few companies that come into a client's personal home to provide technical support. If you want specific parameters set in your home or office, we can do that for you. We also offer monthly maintenance to make sure your computer system is working well.

Hands on Computer
For custom built computers, contact us at (877) 332-3436. We also provide quality computer maintenance and repair services.